More than 2,100 employees at CTS EVENTIM work behind the scenes to make sure that the halls are full. Every year we sell over one hundred million tickets. And if you wish, we also have a ticket for your career. Learn more about the numerous professional training options with a top employer in a future-proof industry. Even though we cannot promise that you will meet a superstar during your work – as a member of our team, you will become one yourself.

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Training as an IT specialist with a focus on system integration

To make sure the complex IT at CTS EVENTIM runs like clockwork, you get a backstage pass to our server room. You get to know all relevant IT areas and take on responsibility in administration, maintenance and user support.

Training as a management assistant in dialogue marketing

Here you can be up close to our biggest stars: our customers. You manage orders and support queries, turning customers into genuine “EVENTIM fans”. The stages of this varied training in cooperation with one of our cooperation partners include customer service, ticket hotline and business customer care.

Dual studies in business administration (B.A.) 

Incl. training as a management assistant in office management

At the University of Bremen you will gain important knowledge of all business management segments such as sales, marketing, controlling, law and human resources.

At the same time you will also collect practical experience in the various divisions of CTS EVENTIM so you can decide where you want to place your focus in the future. As a student in a dual studies programme, you will be given responsibility for your own projects early on and can contribute your own ideas.

It’s the ideal combination of theory and practice for your professional future.


Dual studies in computer science (B.Sc.)

Training as an IT specialist with a focus on application development

You will become familiar with all important basics of computer science at the University of Bremen. The course of studies is very practice-oriented. It will provide you with specific programming skills but also improve your analytical skills that are required to work professionally.

At CTS EVENTIM you can directly apply what you have learned: you will create concepts and develop real software solutions for our internal and external customers, working with all relevant departments in the process.



At CTS EVENTIM you will be part of the team from day one. You get responsibility for your own projects early on and proactively contribute to projects. It goes without saying that you will always have an experienced contact person to assist you. We aim at taking you on as a regular employee after you have completed your education and training. To make sure fun at work is not neglected, we make every effort to create a pleasant atmosphere. Click through the arguments in favour of training with us:

Quality of the training

Quality of the training
During each stage of your training you will be assigned contacts who give you feedback. When planning your assignments, we take your wishes and fortes into account so you can quickly assume responsibility. In addition, you will have access to a modern e-learning platform.


We would like to take you on after you have completed your training. That is why we discuss the area in which you will work later on, even while you are still training. Together with you, we would like to keep expanding your knowledge and skills in the future – with a wide range of duties and optimum continuing education and training options.


Team spirit is a top priority with us. Your colleagues will quickly accept you into the team and support you in your work. Your training supervisor is not the only one who always has an open ear for you: you can all get to know and talk to each other as a team during trainee meetings and company events.

“If you are determined, you can achieve a lot here fast.”

Abdulkadir Gedik, Trainee IT Specialist in System Integration

Why did you choose CTS EVENTIM as your employer?

I especially appreciate the diversity of the various areas and that there is always something new to learn. Last but not least, I appreciate the really nice colleagues, with whom you can talk openly and on an informal basis whenever you want. And there’s plenty of room for fun – it’s certainly not forbidden to have a good laugh while at work.


What do you particularly enjoy in your work at CTS EVENTIM?

CTS EVENTIM is the industry leader and accordingly offers attractive opportunities. In my field, IT, we work with state-of-the-art technology. The company generally has a lot to do with information technology, so this kind of work is highly valued here. 

What do you think are the important abilities for becoming successful as a part of CTS EVENTIM?

As always when you want to achieve something: being determined! This is a top priority here. Conversely, anyone who has that quality can quickly accomplish a lot. If you are interested in your work and have fun doing it, you will feel very comfortable here.


What are the career and continuing training opportunities CTS EVENTIM offers you? Which of them have you already taken advantage of?

I am currently in training and get active assistance and support. Plus I have access to an e-learning platform where I can expand my professional knowledge and my soft skills.

“By going from department to department, I’m always learning something new.”

Jana Pünter, Student, Dual Studies in Business Administration

Why did you decide on training in the event industry?

Aside from its being a future-proof industry, I really appreciate that it puts me in contact with people. In my current job in event coordination, I find it exciting that I can directly communicate with organisers. It’s quite interesting to find out all that’s involved before a customer can  buy a ticket.


What do you particularly like about your training?

It teaches me how things work. By going from department to department, I’m always learning something new. 

What perks does CTS EVENTIM offer you?

Thanks to the flexible working hours in many divisions, I can adjust my work to my own interests. All trainees also have access to an e-learning platform around the clock, where they can deepen their knowledge in their special field and expand their interpersonal skills. And there is “Corporate Benefits”, an Internet platform with many discounted products to choose from. 


What abilities do you think are especially important at CTS EVENTIM?

Personal responsibility is a top priority here. I quickly took on my own projects and had contact with real customers. This has allowed me to work on my personal growth. With all the great support and everybody always being ready to help out, I am never left alone with my questions or problems.


What application documents do we need from you?

  • Individual cover letter
  • Detailed CV
  • School leaving certificate, if available, otherwise the two last reports
  • Other relevant certificates, e.g. proof of internships and employment reference letters


What should you observe when writing your cover letter? 

  • Write an individual cover letter that says something about yourself
  • Answer the following questions:
    • What makes you the suitable candidate?
    • Why are you applying specifically to us and why for this kind of training?
  • Reduce all information to its essentials (one A4 page maximum)


What should you observe when writing a CV?

  • Demonstrate the abilities and experiences you have mentioned in your cover letter
  • Choose a structured and clear layout with all personal data
  • Describe all important stages of your life including, e.g., internships and holiday jobs
  • Document other relevant knowledge such as foreign languages or EDP experience
  • List hobbies, study groups and workshops, volunteer work and extracurricular projects


How does the application process work?

  • Submission of the documents via our application management system
  • Review and pre-selection
  • Interview and group selection procedure, if applicable
  • Getting to know you in an actual work environment, if applicable
  • Decision  

Tips for an interview:

The interview will be conducted by our training supervisor and a manager from the respective department. Here are a few tips:

  • Gather information about CTS EVENTIM and the profession for which you want to train.
  • Be open and authentic. We want to get to know you as a person.
  • Do you have any questions for us? You are welcome to ask them during the interview.


Information on the group selection process:

  • Duration: 0.5 days
  • Participants: several applicants, the training supervisor and various department heads
  • Various assignments: individual assignments, group assignments, presentations


Where can you turn when you have questions regarding your application?

Please send us your questions using our contact form. We will be pleased to help you.

Take a look here to see our current vacancies for secondary school students. We look forward to receiving your application!