Start your career with the market leader of a future-proof industry. The ticketing business offers new and exciting challenges every day. As an employer, we support you and at the same time challenge you so you can quickly collect job experience, assume responsibility and keep growing. Find out more about your entrance opportunities as a trainee or direct entrant. Come and join us.



If you have earned your bachelor’s or master’s degree, the trainee programmes at CTS EVENTIM are the ideal way for you to start your career with us. Choose this option to become more familiar with the jobs in the field, set the course for your further career and quickly gather a wide range of professional experience. We offer you individual trainee programmes in various company divisions, such as E-Commerce, Finance and Information Science. 

How the trainee programme works

The 18-month trainee programme at CTS EVENTIM familiarises you with the business of the European market leader in the field of ticketing. As a trainee you become acquainted with all relevant company divisions that focus on or interface with your chosen field.

In the process you will also collect experience in the higher-level administrative areas. Specialists and managers will support you throughout your trainee phase, and you will start taking on responsibility for your own projects at an early stage. Offering you individual training seminars and workshops, we will prepare you perfectly for the kind of work you will routinely perform. If you wish, you also get the chance to work abroad.

After successfully completing your trainee programme, you may look forward to a thrilling and challenging job with many opportunities for growth.



Come and work behind the scenes of the major stages. At CTS EVENTIM you are entering a diverse professional career path: you will market events such as concerts by international stars or the Olympics, and quickly be in charge of your own projects.

Career paths

Career paths
We will plan your future early on together: you have the options of choosing a career as a manager, professional or project expert. We assist you in your individual career planning with personalised development plans and annual employee interviews.


Given our steady growth and the increasing complexity of the markets, we are a company that responds flexibly and successfully to market situations, and as a result can offer you many ways to apply your talent. As a member of intercultural teams, you will get challenging tasks and benefit from flexible working hours and employee discounts.

Professional growth

Professional growth
Our e-learning platform LEARNING@EVENTIM allows you to expand your technical expertise, your soft skills and your company-specific knowledge whenever you wish. We offer you individual training seminars, language courses, development programmes and many other opportunities for continuing education and growth.

“CTS EVENTIM gives me the freedom to develop and implement my own ideas.”

Sven Holldorf, E-Commerce Controller

Why did you choose CTS EVENTIM as your employer?

The entertainment business offers a very dynamic and diverse job environment, and CTS EVENTIM is the biggest European player in the ticketing and live entertainment market. Since the company keeps growing on a national and international level, there are always new challenges that need to be mastered. In my opinion, this offers me the ideal setting to grow personally, learn new things and apply my abilities in the best possible way.


In what way have you grown as part of CTS EVENTIM?

I started out as a trainee in Finance with a focus on controlling in 2014. This position gave me insight into different divisions and allowed me to familiarise myself with the company. Today I work as an e-commerce controller, a position where I have discovered the most overlaps with my interests and my area of studies.


What is your personal recipe for success?

I think my innate curiosity and the fun I have mastering challenges, plus the great collaboration with my colleagues all contribute to my enjoying my job and being successful.

What abilities do you think are important for becoming successful as a part of CTS EVENTIM?

The abilities that are most important, in my opinion, are a real hands-on mentality, the ability to work independently, strong communication skills, enthusiasm for growth and a love of the entertainment market.


How do you perceive the management and cooperation within CTS EVENTIM?

CTS EVENTIM gives me the freedom to develop and implement my own ideas. The company is open to suggestions for improvement, and managers assist you in word and deed when you have questions or run into difficulties. I find the atmosphere at work to be very cooperative.

“Just like the entire live entertainment industry, the field of IT is constantly changing.”

Anika Bracht, Software Developer

Why did you choose CTS EVENTIM as your employer?

I already knew CTS EVENTIM from my dual studies, which I did in cooperation with the University of Bremen. My training gave me plenty of time to become familiar with the company. What I like is the way people work here and the company’s projects.


In what way have you grown as part of CTS EVENTIM?

After completing my dual studies and earning a qualification as an IT specialist in application development and a bachelor of science, I am now regularly employed as a software developer.


What is your personal recipe for success?

Always give it all you have and strive for more.

What do you personally consider the fortes of the industry sector and specifically the field of IT, in which you work?

Just like the entire live entertainment industry, the field of IT is constantly undergoing change. True, this can be stressful at times, but it is also necessary so the best result can be achieved in terms of safety, speed and quality. I think it’s precisely these things that distinguish our field: constant change and steady progress.


What are the career and continuing training opportunities CTS EVENTIM offers you? And which of them have you already taken advantage of?

I am going to start a dual master study course in October 2015 with the assistance of CTS EVENTIM to complement to my bachelor studies with combined vocational training. In addition, I also use the comprehensive e-learning platform on a regular basis.

The application process

Which application documents do we need from you?

  • Individual cover letter stating your notice period or when you are available to start working plus your salary expectations
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Last university diploma certificate and/or vocational training certificate
  • Last school leaving certificate (e.g. final secondary school certificate)
  • Complete employment references and other relevant certificates


How does the application process work?

  • Submission of the online application with complete documents via our application management system
  • Our recruitment manager and the respective division review the application documents and make the pre-selection
  • We generally conduct two interviews on our premises before making an employment offer

What should you expect to happen at the interviews? 

The purpose of the first interview is to get to know you better and describe the company for you in greater detail. The recruitment manager and your future direct superior in the respective division want to learn more about your previous work experience, your abilities and your motivation. 

In the second interview you usually meet the respective HR business partner and your superior at the next hierarchical level. 


Where can you turn when you have questions regarding your application?

Please send us your questions using our contact form. We will be pleased to help you.

Take a look here to see our current vacancies for career entrants. We look forward to receiving your application!