Do you find the thought of luring millions of people to the world’s hottest event locations appealing? At CTS EVENTIM you gain valuable professional experience and collect important contacts for the future. 

Whether you are an intern or a student worker – you will be part of the team from day one, taking on responsible duties and projects.



CTS EVENTIM has exciting challenges in store for you. After a brief, structured onboarding phase, you will take on responsibility at an early stage. At our internationally successful company, you will not only acquire practical knowledge but also build a valuable network for your career entrance later on.

Practical experience

Practical experience
Personal responsibility is a priority for us. You will be a full team member from the start and soon get your first project, which you coordinate on your own. This allows you to put your theoretical knowledge into practice and expand your qualifications.


In a company such as CTS EVENTIM, you can contribute your ideas and creativity to the full. Experienced professionals and managers assist you in your daily work and with your own projects. You can flexibly tailor your working hours to the requirements of your academic studies.


If you do an internship at CTS EVENTIM, you gain hands-on experience in two ways: we can make an arrangement that allows you to also do your practical thesis work at our company later on. We will give you the information you need and provide valuable assistance.

“Here I have the best opportunities to prepare for my professional life later on and gather experience.”

Sarah Lena Koch, Student Worker at Human Resources & Office Management

What do you find particularly appealing in your current job?

Right now I work in the Human Resource Department. What I like particularly is that I have independence in performing my duties. The collaboration with my colleagues also continues to be a great experience.


Why did you choose CTS EVENTIM as your employer?

CTS EVENTIM is a large, international company with many different divisions. Here I have the best opportunities to prepare for my professional life later on and gather experience.

What is your personal recipe for success?

As far as I am concerned, what’s especially important for your professional life is being ambitious and self-confident. When you have set yourself a goal, you should never lose sight of it and keep improving so you can achieve it, too.


How do you perceive the atmosphere at work at CTS EVENTIM, and what are the values and attitudes you appreciate?

It’s fun to go to work and meet your colleagues. The atmosphere at CTS EVENTIM is very pleasant. All the colleagues, no matter from which division, are very friendly and eager to help each another.

“I have the freedom to design my own work week, so I don’t have to neglect my studies.”

Eduard Stroh, Student Worker, Service Desk

Why did you choose CTS EVENTIM as your employer?

I decided to go with CTS EVENTIM because it is an international company offering many possibilities and opportunities.


In what way have you grown as part of CTS EVENTIM?

I was able to deepen my IT knowledge and gained comprehensive insight into professional practice.


What are the career and continuing training opportunities CTS EVENTIM offers you? Which of them have you already taken advantage of?

CTS EVENTIM supports its employees with individual training seminars. In this way your knowledge is always up to date. 

What abilities do you think are important for becoming successful as a part of CTS EVENTIM?

I think the ability to work in a team and being goal-oriented and ambitious are some of the most important qualities.


How do you perceive the cooperation at CTS EVENTIM?

We discuss the duties together and regularly coordinate processes among each other. Perfect collaboration!


What does CTS EVENTIM offer you specifically as a student?

I have the freedom to design my own work week, so I don’t have to neglect my studies.


How much time should you invest in an internship?

  • The regular length of an internship is four to six months.
  • To make sure you gather enough practical experience, it should only be shorter than this in exceptional cases.


When should you apply?

  • There are no fixed application deadlines. Please note the latest job adverts on our homepage.
  • We currently hire interns and student workers all year long. 

What are the working hours for student workers?

  • The number of hours can be agreed upon on an individual basis.
  • People often choose 15 to 20 working hours per week during the semester and up to 40 working hours per week during the semester break.
  • We adjust to your availability, because your studies are always the number one priority.

Which application documents do we need from you?

  • Individual cover letter stating the date when you can start working
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Last school leaving certificate (e.g. final secondary school certificate) and/or vocational training certificate
  • Current list of achievements during your studies so far
  • Complete employment references and other relevant certificates


Where can you turn when you have questions regarding your application?

Please send us your questions using our contact form. We will be pleased to help you.

Take a look here to see our current vacancies for students. We look forward to receiving your application!