In the wake of digitisation, the live entertainment industry has become extremely dynamic. As the market leader, we advance innovations through new business models and processes. This includes, e.g., the business divisions Information Science, New Business and Event Organiser Service.

At CTS EVENTIM we look for creative minds who think outside the box and at the same time can work analytically. For people who are unconventional and yet maintain a sense of reality. And we look for experts who believe that you are never done learning. As you can see, our requirements are as diverse as the job opportunities we offer. No doubt we also have the entry-level option that suits you personally.

Are you ready for the next major challenge? Then take a look at the opportunities at CTS EVENTIM.


Information Science 

In an industry as digitised as ticketing, big data is an indispensable source of know-how and innovation. Big data allows for valuable insights which help us to keep our business profitable and competitive in the future. During recent years we have set up ISI to establish a best-in-class infrastructure that complies with privacy laws, and we have built a competence centre consisting of highly qualified experts. Our central duties are to understand our customers better (customer relationship management), optimise relevant business processes (business intelligence) and offer our partners analytical services (B2B). 

New Business

An important area of growth with great strategic significance: In the New Business division you independently manage major projects that involve different divisions and countries – from concept development to planning and through to implementation. This may concern the development of new products, participation in major contract proposals or the design of M&A processes. If you show a lot of personal initiative, you will become an “intrapreneur” – an entrepreneur within the enterprise. 

Event Organiser Service

The Event Organiser Service department sets up a ticketing system on behalf of event organisers. This includes, for example, choosing the proper hall layout, the pricing, discounts and price categories. In this division you work in close proximity to big as well as small live events. Important requirements of our staff members in the Event Organiser Service division are attention to detail, precision and good communication skills. 

“We love analysing and interpreting data and then taking the right decision to improve the company’s actual value added.”

Adelfried Türling, Senior Vice President Information Science