The E-Commerce team represents a central company division at CTS EVENTIM. It has a high level of responsibility and is crucial to our success. 

Live entertainment takes place on stage, but ticketing before the event happens online. The percentage of mobile use via smartphone keeps increasing. To also remain on the cutting edge in digital marketing as Europe’s market leader, we invest a lot in the E-Commerce division, in new technologies and in our staff.

But it is not just about providing a digital sales channel: the e-commerce platform reproduces many of the company’s business processes which are interlinked across different departments. It also serves as a figurehead that determines the way the CTS EVENTIM brand and its subsidiaries are perceived by the public at large.

Does the idea of advancing our business in an area that has special responsibility appeal to you? Are you technically minded, goal-oriented and ambitious? Then you should find out about the various career opportunities now. 


Online Marketing

From awareness to reach and through to ticket sales: the Online Marketing team guides our customers through the sales funnel along the different online touch points. This includes the classic online marketing channels, analytics and constant conversion optimisation on the basis of performance KPIs. After all, it is mainly our analytical approach that has made us one of the most successful e-commerce enterprises.

E-Commerce International Product Management

This is where our e-commerce tools are developed, from central webshops to mobile solutions, corporate blogs and through to special microsites. Accordingly, product management is one of the absolute key functions. Within the team there are four specialist competence centres: Requirements Engineering, Development Support, Product Consulting and Project Consulting.

E-Commerce International Services

All international online marketing and operations activities are controlled and coordinated from here. The services include search engines, display and social media campaigns, content support, and operational support for migrations and for international product and feature roll-outs.